Publication highlights


Origin and evolution of carboxysome positioning systems in cyanobacteria

Molecular Biology and Evolution

January 3, 2020

Joshua S. MacCready, Joseph L. Basalla, Anthony G. Vecchiarelli


Protein arginine methyltransferase 1 interacts with PGC1α and modulates thermogenic fat activation


December 1, 2019

Xiaona Qiao, Dong-il Kim, Heejin Jun, Yingxu Ma, Alexander J. Knights, Min-Jung Park, Kezhou Zhu, Jay H. Lipinski, Jiling Liao, Yiming Li, Stéphane Richard, Steven A. Weinman, Jun Wu

Fitness effects but no temperature-mediated balancing selection at the polymorphic Adh gene of Drosophila melanogaster


October 22, 2019

Mohammad A. Siddiq and Joseph W. Thornton

Elevated thrombospondin-2 contributes to delayed wound healing in diabetes


August 2019

Britta Kunkemoeller, Tara Bancroft, Hao Xing, Aaron H. Morris, Amelia K. Luciano, Jason Wu, Carlos Fernandez-Hernando and Themis R. Kyriakides

Characterization of glucose transporter 6 in lipopolysaccharide-induced bone marrow-derived macrophage function

The Journal of Immunology

March 15, 2019

Beth T. Caruana, Frances L. Byrne, Alexander J. Knights, Kate G. R. Quinlan and Kyle L. Hoehn


Protein gradients on the nucleoid position the carbon-fixing organelles of cyanobacteria


December 6, 2018

Joshua S. MacCready, Pusparanee Hakim, Eric J. Young, Longhua Hu, Jian Liu, Katherine W. Osteryoung, Anthony G. Vecchiarelli, Daniel C. Ducat

Partial reprogramming of heterologous cells by defined factors to generate megakaryocyte lineage-restricted biomolecules

December 2018

Crisbel M. Artuz, Alexander J. Knights, Alister P.W. Funnell, Thomas J. Gonda, Katya Ravid, Richard C.M. Pearson, Kate G.R. Quinlan, Merlin Crossley

Tunable hydrogels derived from genetically engineered extracellular matrix accelerate diabetic wound healing

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

November 14, 2018

Aaron H. Morris, Hudson Lee, Hao Xing, Danielle K. Stamer, Marina Tan, and Themis R. Kyriakides

LMO7 Is a negative feedback regulator of transforming growth factor β signaling and fibrosis


October 2, 2018

Yi Xie, Allison C. Ostriker, Yu Jin, Haidi Hu, Ashley J. Sizer, Gang Peng, Aaron H. Morris, Changwan Ryu, Erica L. Herzog, Themis Kyriakides, Hongyu Zhao, Alan Dardik, Jun Yu, John Hwa, Kathleen A. Martin

Decellularized materials derived from TSP2-KO mice promote enhanced neovascularization and integration in diabetic wounds


July 2018

Aaron H. Morris, Danielle K. Stamer, Britta Kunkemoeller, Julie Chang, HaoXing, Themis R. Kyriakides

Nanopatterned bulk metallic glass-based biomaterials modulate macrophage polarization

Acta Biomaterialia

July 15, 2018

Mahdis Shayan, Jagannath Padmanabhan, Aaron H. Morris, Bettina Cheung, Ryan Smith. Jan Schroers, Themis R. Kyriakides

Verticalization of bacterial biofilms


June 18, 2018

Farzan Beroz, Jing Yan, Yigal Meir, Benedikt Sabass, Howard A. Stone, Bonnie L. Bassler & Ned S. Wingreen